We work together to understand and inform your success. We get involved.
We understand that accounting is much more than taxes. We see the big picture.
We think the word “accounting” is as boring as you do. We are different.
We think that people matter more than numbers. We care.
We believe that education builds stronger relationships and exceptional service. We are inquisitive.

We foster prosperity by building relationships with people through numbers.

We Are Professional Services



  • Business clarity: determine best practices and assess efficacy
  • Cloud capable: accessible anywhere
  • Increased operational efficiency


  • Employee portals: anywhere access to paystubs and other employment info
  • Tax payments and forms off your plate
  • Assurance compliance is being met

Tax Preparation

  • Accurate – quality is always #1
  • Timely – completed return when you decide
  • A level of service that fits your needs

Dental Practices

  • Industry-specific knowledge
  • In-depth ratio analysis
  • Visual dashboard display of financial information

New Business Start-Up

  • Understand compliance issues
  • Overcome initial obstacles
  • Plan for success & establish best-practice behaviors early

Tax Planning

  • Tax reduction: apply best practices to medium- and long-term planning
  • Tax payment management
  • Peace of mind: focus on your business

Accounting Systems

  • Select system based on business needs
  • Process audit – increase efficiencies
  • Training to get personnel up to speed

Business Consulting

  • Increase profit and cash flow
  • Product and service pricing
  • Financial statement interpretation and strategic business planning

Budgets & Forecasting

  • Assess and report state of nature
  • Reflect business goals in methodology
  • Report recommendations and evolve for constant improvement

Internal Control Analysis

  • Deter risk and loss
  • Analyze processes and procedures
  • Identify risks, assess priority, and quantify risk

Education & Training

  • Learn what and how much you want
  • Large topic base: comprehensive for small business environments
  • Current issues and technology

Becoming a Blueback

  • Are we a fit?
  • Learn about our business model
  • Tell us about yours


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We Believe That People Matter


We are a multi-talented team of spreadsheet geeks (the cool kind), led by partners Jay Holmes and John Larson. Get to know our key people:

About Jay Holmes

From: Coronado, CA

Why Boise: Friendliest people ever

Approach: Strategic

Education: CSU Chico

Favorite Number: 9

30 Minutes to Kill: Crossword

2 Weeks Off: Fly fishing trip

Food: Everything but celery, really

Favorite Actor/Actress: Bill Murray – the one thing John and I agree on!

Recent Adventure: Fatherhood

About John Larson

From: Evergreen, CO

Why Boise: Little Denver

Approach: Pooh Bear

Education: Fort Lewis College

Favorite Number: 7

30 Minutes to Kill: Read a book

2 Weeks Off: Travel abroad

Food: Meatball sandwich

Favorite Actor/Actress: Bill Murray

Recent Adventure: Sawtooth Relay

About Erin Whitesides

From: Boise, ID

Why Boise: Easy outdoor access

Approach: Down-to-earth

Education: Boise State University

Favorite Number: 3

30 Minutes to Kill: Find a snack

2 Weeks Off: Spend it with one or both of my sisters

Food: Pho or apples

Favorite Actor/Actress: More into music; favorite band: Deer Tick

Recent Adventure: Volunteering at Pickathon

About Elyse Whitesides

From: Boise, ID

Why Boise: Family, community, outdoors

Approach: Intuitive

Education: University of Idaho

Favorite Number: 5

30 Minutes to Kill: See if Erin found any snacks

2 Weeks Off: Hit the road

Food: All the food

Favorite Actor/Actress: Kristen Wiig (SNL stuff)

Recent Adventure: Road trip to the Oregon Coast

About Leah Rourke

From: Bothell, WA

Why Boise: Sunshine

Approach: Curious

Education: Gonzaga University

Favorite Number: 525,600

30 Minutes to Kill: Nap

2 Weeks Off: Backpack the Frank Church

Food: Chips

Favorite Actor/Actress: Cate Blanchett

Recent Adventure: Geoducking

We Foster Prosperity By

With People


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