Tax Preparation

Blueback Accounting is dedicated to providing quality tax preparation for individuals and businesses. Our commitment to quality is evident in the way we walk through each tax return and make sure we are gathering all of the deductions possible. This is usually done by an initial review of your documents (either in person or not) and a follow up email or phone call for any possible items missing. We understand that not everyone wants to pay for all of our services, so we have structured our tax preparation fees into three categories to let you choose the best option for you. You can read more about our fee structure here.

When using Blueback Accounting’s tax preparation service, you can expect the following:

  • A Quality Tax Return
  • A Tax Return completed during the time allotted
  • A level of service that fits for you
  • The opportunity to learn and understand your taxes in plain English
  • A year-round relationship

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Tax Preparation Boise Idaho

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