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  • QuickBooks Online November 2015 Update


    QuickBooks Online has a few new items to add to its list of updates. The registers, in particular, got a tune up this month!

  • QuickBooks Online October 2015 Update


    What’s new this month?

    • Billable Expenses
    • Attachments
    • Foreign Bank Accounts
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Pagination Links

    Read on to learn more!

  • New Reports in QuickBooks Online


    QuickBooks Online has some new report features in the works. Try them out now before QBO rolls them out to everyone!

  • QuickBooks Online September 2015 Update


    Let’s take a look at what’s new for QuickBooks Online in September:

    • Subtotals
    • Bank Feeds
    • Search Tools
  • Make room for the QuickBooks Windows app!


    Step aside web browser, QuickBooks Windows App is here to steal the show. Find out why downloading the QuickBooks Windows App is going to make your life easier.

  • QuickBooks Online August 2015 Update


    What’s new for QBO in August? Read on to learn about changes to your:

    • Customer Notes
    • Product & Service Imports, and
    • Registers
  • A new look for payroll forms in Idaho


    Idaho business owners struggle to keep up with increasing regulations and paperwork every year—especially when payroll is involved. Thankfully, the two Idaho payroll taxing agencies are making it easier to stay ahead of deadlines and reduce paper clutter at the same time.

  • What a Car Ride Taught me About my Partner

    Business Smarts

    The Small Business Association defines a partnership as “a single business where two or more people share ownership.” Statistics reveal the failure rate for new businesses is alarmingly high, but that partnerships (rather than single-owner businesses) have a likelier chance at success. Even with the better odds, having partners can have drawbacks.

  • What is my Value?

    Business Smarts

    I often get asked to help businesses analyze the cost of their products or services. Most of these inquiries end as quickly as they start. I always ask why the business owner wants to know this information. Often, it is because they are trying to price their products. Knowing the true cost of a product can be helpful in plenty of situations, but it only creates an artificial ceiling for your pricing. Cost is not the main concern; value is.

  • Things to Consider Before You Convert to QuickBooks Online


    The conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online is pretty slick, but you may want to consider some things before jumping in.

    Read more about:

    • QuickBooks Online limitations, and
    • What won’t be converted from Desktop

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