QuickBooks Online - Is it really all that?

Bookkeeping, Business Management, Taxes, Payroll, Business Smarts
by Jay Holmes

Blueback Accounting loves Quickbooks Online (QBO). In fact, it’s the platform we are building our business around. There are a lot of reasons we feel it is the best accounting software out there, but I wanted to share the top 5.

  1. Simple - It is simple and easy to use for the business owner and at the same time, complex enough for us accountants to make necessary adjustments throughout the year.

  2. Accessibility - The online access from anywhere drastically speeds up our ability to help our clients. We can have real-time conversations about your business and accounting while both looking and interacting with the same live information.

  3. Cost - The price point for QBO is roughly $30 - $40 a month. The desktop version ranges from $300 to $500 for similar capabilities. The difference here is that the desktop version can be used from more than one year, while the QBO subscription is monthly. The question then becomes, is the extra 200% (paying the same amount annually that you would pay every three years) worth it? Our answer: YES! We believe so strongly in it that we pay for this subscription for the clients we do bookkeeping for.

  4. Apps - There are a ton of apps that specialize in all sorts of industries that integrate with QBO. This makes QBO so much more dynamic, as you don’t have to solely rely on QBO for everything. Some apps we love and use regularly are, Fathom Reporting, Receipt Bank, Square, TSheets, etc.

  5. Support – The support is top notch. Being the highest level of Pro-Advisor, we have access to the best of the best at Quickbooks. So most (although rare) issues are resolved quickly and painlessly.

There you have it. Those are the 5 main reasons we love Quickbooks Online. If you are thinking of converting or want to know more, please let us know so we can help you through the process.